Jillayne Goulet Hanson is primarily a self taught fine artist. She has always had a passion for artistic expression in painting and drawing. As a young girl in St. Paul, MN, she would take a bus to the St. Paul Art Center on Summit Ave. and then later to the Arts and Science Center, McKnight Center for the Arts for classes. She completed a Commercial Art degree at the St. Paul College where she studied life drawing, compositon, art history, and the technical skills involved in illustration such as perspective, color studies, and portraiture.

Throughout her artistic experience she has continued to develop her technique, focusing on pastel and acrylic pieces, and experimentation in ink and pencil drawings, collages, watercolor, and other expressions. Jillayne produced and sold over 300 works, including commissions and exhibiting at shows across the midwest.

Jillayne currently exhibits her work at local galleries and art centers in western Minnesota. She especially enjoys doing commissioned work because she feels the heartfelt expression through her art for that one of-a-kind, personal piece that's unique, a special gift, or portrait of a loved one.

Besides the wealth of family and grandchildren, Jillayne and her husband brought many foster children and adults into their home over the years. Her personal interests have also included her love of animals, having owned and raised Morgan horses, a variety of dog breeds, and currently her Saint Bernards, Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae. She also has her aquatic pets and African Grey Parrot, YoYo. She named him after YoYo Ma, the famous cellist. She hoped he would learn to speak "cello", as Jillayne plays frequently. Although YoYo is quite the talker, and lets his wishes be known, he has yet to learn Bach. Jillayne loves to spend time in the wilderness of NW Minnesota at their cabin,
4-wheeling on their land and bow hunting with the family.

with the Saints


Hanson Deer Hollow



THANK YOU for your interest and ​​​​​​​​​encouragement.. & 
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A bit of transparency of my inner self, here, and daily experience. The overcovering of my life is the constancy of this fact: I'm loved by the King. This I know for a fact, not only from the search for meaning from the scriptures, but also internal testimony, and a life of experiencing His grace towards me. I have no dillusional rose-colored glasses. No, life has had its trials, as every realist knows...and times of unrelenting mundane existance. Yet, in among the unremarkableness of the rhythm of daily life, there comes the unexplained surprises, like threads of fine gold in an old, worn tapestry.. Or a sudden field of glistening jewels, as the morning sun just creeps over a knoll to capture the dew, hanging on the invisible fillaments of a thousand webs in the tall grass. It's being surprised by wonder, and then sensing a sudden closeness of tremendous Beauty. It's His call to our souls and spirits to be still and listen.. so as not to miss the next treasure that's sure to come along. This is why I love to give attention to some of the most simple, everyday subjects, such as children, uncomplicated still lifes, the spiritual, and nature.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, 
   but seeing with new eyes."                                                              Marcel Proust